Sentence Completion Series (SCS)

Sentence Completion Series (SCS)

Sentence Completion Series
Admin: Individual
Time: 10-45 minutes per form
Age Range: Both children and adult
Complete Kit: includes SCS Professional User’s Guide and 15 of each Form

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The SCS consists of eight self-report forms, each with 50 content-valid sentence stems pertaining to specific areas of concern: Adult, Adolescent, Family, Marriage, Parenting, Work, Illness, and Ageing. The client completes each unfinished sentence with the first thought that comes to mind.

The SCS is self-administered for those who possess adequate reading ability. Forms may be administered orally for clients who are unable to read and write. The instrument is scored by the clinician who examines the statements and draws inferences from the responses.

Because only a few sentence stems are common across the eight forms, multiple forms can be used with little redundancy to maximise the breadth of information obtained from a client