The Hand Test (THT)

The Hand Test
Ages: 5 years and up
Admin Time: 10 minutes
Scores: Means, cutoff scores, and typical score ranges for normal and various diagnostic groups
Complete Kit: Includes 25 Scoring Booklets; 1 Set of Picture Cards; 1 Manual; 1 Hand Test Manual Supplement: Interpreting Child and Adolescent Responses

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The Hand Test is a simple projective technique widely used to measure action tendencies—particularly acting-out and aggressive behavior—in adults and children. Nonthreatening and easy to administer, it’s an ideal starting point in any diagnostic personality evaluation.
Using pictures of hands as the projective medium, the test elicits responses that reflect behavioral tendencies. The client is shown 10 picture cards, one at a time, showing line drawings of a hand in various positions. The client’s task is to explain what each hand is doing.