Basic School Skills Inventory – 3rd Edition (BSSI-III)

    Basic School Skills Inventory – 3rd Edition

    Ages: 4- 6 years
    Administration Time: 5-8 minutes, Individual

    product description

    Basic School Skills Inventory- Third Edition (BSSI-3) can identify young children with potential learning difficulties, before they begin school, allowing for follow-up assessment and interventions.  The BSSI-3 can be used as a proactive screening program at schools for incoming students as a preventative measure to help ensure student success from the beginning.  The testing is non-invasive for students, as teachers will complete the measure.  Completion is not over-burdening to teachers as each student form can be completed in 5 to 8 minutes, using a 4-item Likert survey response format. 

    The assessment provides standard scores and percentiles with grade and age equivalent scores.  The instrument has high reliability and validity.