Rorschach Introductory Guide (RIG)

    Rorschach Introductory Guide

    Complete Kit: Includes Manual with 3 Laminated Scoring and Interpretation Guide Cards; 25 Rorschach AutoScore Forms; 25 Rorschach Record Booklet and Summary Forms

    product description

    Now you—or your students—can quickly master the basics of Rorschach scoring and interpretation. The Rorschach Introductory Guide makes it much easier to learn and use this popular projective tool.

    The Introductory Guide offers a simple, methodical approach to Rorschach administration and interpretation. It includes four elements—a brief interpretive Manual, Record Booklet and Summary Forms, three laminated Scoring and Interpretation Guide Cards, and Rorschach AutoScore™ Forms. These materials put all the essential scoring and interpretive information at your fingertips.

    The Manual describes Rorschach administration and scoring, and shows you how to interpret the test using the Rorschach AutoScore™ Form.

    The Record Booklet and Summary Form is a convenient 4-page protocol, which includes all 10 Rorschach plates in miniature and in full color. It allows you to record background information, responses, summary scores, and derived scores.