Adolescent Apperception Cards (AAC)

    Ages: 12 to 19 years
    Admin Time: 45-60 minutes
    Format: Adolescents create stories about any or all of 11 picture cards
    Complete Kit: Includes Adolescent Apperception Cards-White Version; Adolescent Apperception Cards-Black Version

    product description

    Here is a projective storytelling technique designed specifically for adolescents. These 11 picture cards are available in two versions, one featuring White teenagers, the other, Black teenagers. The two versions depict identical scenes involving interaction between adolescents and their peers, parents, and/or siblings. Illustrations pull for themes of loneliness, depression, drug use, physical and sexual abuse, peer acceptance, and domestic violence. Because the pictures are relatively ambiguous, extreme stories created in response to them tend to be particularly meaningful and informative.

    The Adolescent Apperception Cards are an effective and nonthreatening way to help teenagers express their concerns and underlying problems. You can use any or all of the cards, depending on your clinical objective.