Workplace Essential Profile (WEP)

    Workplace Essential Profile

    For use with: Applicants 16 and above
    Number of items: 48 items
    Administration time: 20 minutes
    Qualification level; B
    Complete Kit: Includes Manual, 5 Reusable Test Booklets; 20 Answer/Score Sheets


    product description

    The WSS consists of 48 multiple-choice items, many of which present a scenario describing a realistic workplace situation, problem, or issue, followed by a series of questions. Other items require examinees to interact with workplace materials, such as memos, forms, and charts. Written at a sixth-grade reading level, these items are presented in a reusable test booklet. Job applicants respond on a pull-apart answer sheet that automatically transfers their responses onto a scoring key. Stanines and T-scores are provided.

    Completed in about 20 minutes, the WSS can be used with any job applicant aged 16 or over. Its engaging item content addresses what most employers would view as "common sense."