Applicant Risk Profiler (ARP)

    Applicant Risk Profiler

    For use with: Applicants 18 and above
    Administration Time: 20 minutes
    Application: Individual or Group
    Complete Kit: Manual (in CD Format), 10 AutoScore Test Booklet

    product description

    Applicant Risk Profiler (ARP) is an instrument designed to predict problematic employee behavior such as engaging in workplace aggression or bringing drugs or weapons to work. The ARP can be completed in less than 20 minutes and is comprised of 65 multiple choice questions.

    The ARP helps employers to maintain a safe workplace by assessing a job candidate's potential for harmful behavior. It is especially appropriate for applicants who will interact with customers and coworkers or will be responsible for company property, merchandise, or money. Applicant Risk Profiler employee personality test is ideal for all applicants, especially those who will be handling: Company merchandise, Expensive tools or equipment, Hazardous materials, Money.