Applicant Potential Test (APT)

    Applicant Potential Test

    For use with: applicants 18 years old and above 
    Number of items: 40 
    Adminstration time: 12 minutes 
    Qualification level: A
    Complete Kit: 1 Manual (in CD-ROM Format), 10 Non-Reusable Autoscore Form

    product description

    Professionally drafted pre-employment skills testing can help you find out which applicants can do the job. The Applicant Potential Test accurately and objectively identifies effective problem solvers, top performers and quick learners, while eliminating those who lack the thinking skills needed to do the job right. It is ideal for filling positions such as supervisory, managerial, administrative, secretarial, customer service, office accounting and payroll processing.

    APT is ideal for positions that require logical thinking and reasoning ability, such as supervisory and management personnel, administrative and secretarial support, customer service reps, office accounting and payroll staffs. APT measures: Logic and Reasoning, Problem Solving, Basic Math Concepts, Spatial Recognition and Word Definitions.