Autism Screening Instrument for Educational Planning (ASIEP-3)

    Autism Screening Instrument for Educational Planning

    Ages: 2-0 to 13-11
    Testing Time: Varies
    Administration: Individual
    Complete Kit: Includes Manual; 25 Autism Behavior Checklist Record Forms; 25 Sample of Vocal Behavior Record Forms; 25 Interaction Assessment Record Forms; 25 Educational Assessment Record Forms; 25 Prognosis of Learning Rate Record Forms; Audio CD; 1 set of Toys/Manipulatives; all in a sturdy storage box

    product description

    This instrument helps professionals evaluate children with autism, develop appropriate instructional plans, and monitor progress. It can also be used for differential diagnosis, as it distinguishes youngsters with autism from those with other severe handicaps. 
    Assessing five aspects of behavior, the ASIEP-3 is composed of the following subtests:

    • Autism Behavior Checklist
    • Sample of Vocal Behavior
    • Interaction Assessment
    • Educational Assessment
    • Prognosis of Learning Rate