Ravens Progressive Matrices – Standard (RPM-S)

    Ravens Progressive Matrices – Standard

    For use with: 6-16 yrs. old, 17 yrs. old and above
    Number of items: 60 items
    Administration time: Untimed, individual or Group: 20 to 45 minutes
    Qualification level: B
    Complete Kit Include: Manual, 5 Reusable Test Booklet, 100 All Form Answer Sheet, and Scoring Key

    product description

    Raven’s SPM is a non-verbal test of observation skills and clear-thinking ability. It offers insight about someone’s capacity to observe, solve problems, and learn. The test has a total of 60 items presented in 5 sets (A–E), with 12 items per set. The SPM Plus contains more powerful items while retaining the five-set, sixty-item format of the SPM. There is no time limit for either the SPM or the SPM Plus.

    The Raven’s SPM and SPM Plus each produces a single raw score as well as percentile rank to indicate educative ability or the ability to think clearly and extract meaning out of events, compared to a norm group in the general population. As a versatile test, it can be used in a variety of settings, such as testing culturally diverse populations to minimize the impact of cultural or language bias, predicting potential educational success and a variety of research applications with children and adults.