Beta - 4 (B-IV)

    Beta - 4

    Qualification Level: B
    Age Range: 16:0–99+
    Administration: Paper-and-pencil
    Completion Time: 30 minutes
    Complete Kit: Includes Manual, 25 Response Booklets, Scoring Key.

    product description

    Obtain a quick assessment of adults' nonverbal intellectual abilities to minimize need for long range skill to assess intelligence. Beta-4 is easy to administer and score and is useful for screening large numbers of people for whom administering comprehensive test batteries would be time-consuming and costly. It is especially useful when assessing low-functioning or low-skilled individuals. Beta-4 can be administered by group or individually.

    Beta-4 is the latest revision of an instrument with a long and distinguished history. The original version was developed by the U.S. Army during World War I to assess the intellectual ability of illiterate recruits. In 1934, Kellogg and Morton revised it to make it suitable for civilian use. Beta-4 is an updated version of the Beta-III Examination, Third Edition, published in 1999.