State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory–2 (STAXI-2)

    State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory–2

    Purpose: Measures the experience, expression, and control of anger
    Format: Paper and pencil
    Age range: 16 years and older
    Qualification level: B
    Complete Kit: includes STAXI-2 Manual and 25 STAXI-2 Scoring Booklets

    product description

    The STAXI-2 materials, including the manual, have been translated into Spanish and designed especially for Spanish-speaking clinicians and their clients.

    • Instrument has been translated into European Spanish. No English-language materials are included.
    • Normative data were collected primarily in Spain, with additional data collected in some Latin American countries.
    • Certain test items and stimuli in this translation vary from the English version because of cultural and linguistic differences between the countries and their language.
    • The English-language STAXI-2:IR™ is not compatible with this translation.