Revised Children's Manifest Anxiety Scale 2nd Edition (RCMAS-II)

    Revised Children's Manifest Anxiety Scale 2nd Edition

    Ages: 6 to 19 years
    Admin Time: 10-15 minutes; less than 5 minutes for Short Form
    Format: Self-report
    Complete Kit: Includes 25 AutoScore Forms; 1 Audio CD; 1 Manual

    product description

    Widely used by school psychologists, clinicians, and researchers, the Revised Children’s Manifest Anxiety Scale is now available in an updated second edition. The new RCMAS-2 retains all the features that made previous versions of the test so popular—brevity, a simple yes/no response format, an elementary reading level, and content-based item clusters that help pinpoint children’s problems and focus intervention. At the same time, it adds a convenient Short Form, updated and ethnically diverse norms, and new items that reflect changes in the way children now experience anxiety.