Problem Behavior Inventory – Adolescent (PBI)

    Problem Behavior Inventory – Adolescent

    Complete Kit: Problem Behavior Inventory, Adolescent, Pk/25

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    This convenient checklist lists more than 100 DSM-IV-related symptoms.  The adolescent simply checks the symptoms experienced, relating to:

    • Cognitive Disorders 
    • Substance Abuse
    • Psychosis  
    • Mood and Anxiety Disorders
    • Cluster A Personality Disorders 
    • Oppositional Behavior 
    • ADHD 
    • Conduct Problems 
    • Eating Disturbance 
    • Sexual Deviance 
    • Somatoform and Dissociative Disturbances 
    • Sleep Difficulties
    • Communication Disorders 
    • V-code problems, such as bereavement, academic troubles, parent-child conflict, phase-of-life issues and identity problems  

    The marks are automatically transferred to a bottom sheet, which serves as the clinician’s worksheet, indicating clinical symptoms and associated diagnoses.