Child and Adolescent Clinical and Personality

Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale–Second Edition (BERS-II)

Children’s Problems Checklist (CPC)

Social-Emotional Dimension Scale - Second Edition (SEDS-II)

Reynolds Child Depression Scale - 2nd Edition (RCDS-II)

Personality Inventory for Children, Second Edition (PIC-II)

Personality Inventory for Youth (PIY)

Reynolds Adolescent Adjustment Screening Inventory (RAASI)

Manifestation of Symptomatology Scale (MOSS)

Personal Problems Checklist – Adolescent (PPC-A)

Scales for Assessing Emotional Disturbance–Second Edition (SAED-2)

Preschool Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale (PreBERS)

Children's Depression Inventory, Second Edition (CDI-II)

Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale, Second Edition (RADS-II)

Piers-Harris Children's Self-Concept Scale, Second Edition (PHCSCS-II)

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