Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory–Second Edition (R-FVII:II)

    Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory–Second Edition

    Ages: 13 years through Adult 
    Testing Time: 20 minutes 
    Administration: Individual or Group
    Complete Kit: includes Manual, Occupational Title Lists, and 20 Test Booklets

    product description

    The second edition of the Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory (R-FVII:2) measures the vocational interests of special populations. It uses pictures of individuals engaged in different occupations to measure the vocational likes and dislikes of students and adults who are intellectually disabled, learning disabled, adult disadvantaged, or enrolled in alternative or vocational/career training programs. No reading or writing is required.

    The R-FVII:2 is easy to administer and score. It can be administered in about 20 minutes to groups or individuals. It is self-administered and has no time limits. Consisting of a series of 55 sets of three drawings, each depicting different job tasks, the R-FVII:2 explores a wide range of jobs at the unskilled, semiskilled, and skilled levels.