Geist Picture Interest Inventory (GPII)

    Geist Picture Interest Inventory

    Ages: Grade 8 through adulthood
    Admin Time: 10-20 minutes
    Format: Self-report inventory with a picture response format
    Complete Kit: Includes 10 Test Booklets for Males; 10 Test Booklets for Females; Manual

    product description

    This test is widely used (nearly a million administered), especially with culturally different and educationally deprived individuals, to identify vocational and avocational interests. It requires a minimum of language because items ask the examinee to simply circle the one picture in a series of three that depicts the vocational or avocational scene he or she prefers.

    Extensively researched with high reliability and validity, the inventory can be used from Grade 8 through high school, college, and adulthood. (Occupational norms are provided.) A Motivation Questionnaire can be administered separately to explore the motivation behind occupational choices. The scale is easy to administer individually or to groups, and it can be scored in only a few minutes.