Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scale (WEPSS)

    Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scale

    For use with: 18 years+
    Number of items: 200 items Administration time: 20-40 minutes
    Applications: Posits nine personality styles, each with a distinctive way of viewing and responding to the world.
    Complete Kit: includes Manual; 25 AutoScore Form, 50 Glossary Sheets, 50 Brief Guides to WEPSS Results

    product description

    The Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales apply this theory in assessing personality type. These versatile self-report scales measure both adaptive and maladaptive characteristics of each of nine personality types. Used in business, counseling, and educational settings, the WEPSS is a useful and engaging way to identify interpersonal dynamics, work preferences, coping styles, values, and teaching/learning styles. Its applications are almost unlimited.

    In business settings, the WEPSS is an ideal way to explore communication patterns, decision making styles, and conflict resolution methods. It helps explain interaction between colleagues and supervisors who have the same or different personality styles. And it also helps employees and managers make more informed choices about job preferences, career decisions, and work environments.