Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-II)

    Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory -  2nd Edition

    Qualification Level: C
    Age Range: 18 years and older
    Administration: Paper and pencil 
    Completion Time: 60-90 minutes
    Complete Kit:
    • A copy of the 2001 revised edition of the MMPI-2 Manual for Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation
    • A copy of the RC (Restructured Clinical) Scales Test Monograph
    • A choice of 1 reusable hardcover test booklet or 10 reusable softcover test booklets
    • Reusable answer keys (plastic templates) for all 121 standard MMPI-2 scales
    • 50 answer sheets
    • 50 profile and record forms for all 121 standard MMPI-2 scales (see listing below)
    • Tote bag for carrying and storage

    product description

    Relevant to a range of contemporary applications, the MMPI-2 instrument is the most widely used and widely researched test of adult psychopathology. Used by clinicians to assist with the diagnosis of mental disorders and the selection of appropriate treatment methods, the MMPI-2 test continues to help meet the assessment needs of mental health professionals in an ever-changing environment.