Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE)

    Mini-Mental State Examination

    Purpose: Assesses cognitive functioning
    Format: Paper and pencil
    Age range: 18 years to 85 years
    Time: 10-15 minutes to administer; 5 minutes to score
    Qualification level: S
    Complete Kit: MMSE Clinical Guide with Pocket Norms Card and MMSE Test Forms (pkg/50)

    product description

    The MMSE is a brief, quantitative measure of cognitive status in adults. It can be used to screen for cognitive impairment, to estimate the severity of cognitive impairment at a given point in time, to follow the course of cognitive changes in an individual over time, and to document an individual's response to treatment. The standard MMSE form published by PAR is based on its original 1975 conceptualization, with minor subsequent modifications by the authors. The MMSE has demonstrated validity and reliability in psychiatric, neurologic, geriatric, and other medical populations. The convenient new "all-in-one" test form includes a detachable sheet with stimuli for the Comprehension, Reading, Writing, and Drawing tasks. The form also includes alternative item substitutions for administration in special circumstances. The MMSE has been recommended for the screening of cognition in depressed patients (Special Report, Expert Consensus Guideline Series, Postgraduate Medicine, October 2001).