Manchester Personality Questionnaire (MPQ)

    Manchester Personality Questionnaire

    Ages: Individuals 18 years and older
    Administration Time: Less than 30 minutes
    Application: Individual or Group
    Kit includes: Manual, 10 Reusable booklets, 25 Answer sheet and 25 Profile sheet

    product description

    The Manchester Personality Questionnaire is an instrument comprised of 90 items rated on a five-point scale. MPQ is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of those key personality traits that are likely to have a high impact on work success. 

    The MPQ is an occupational personality test that focuses on traits relevant to creative and innovative behavior. Creativity is an increasingly important factor to consider in areas such as recruitment, training, and coaching. The MPQ is grounded in the Big Five-Factor model of personality. The Big Five-Factor model is currently regarded as the most valid and reliable means of assessing personality. As a result, the MPQ is a powerful tool for understanding an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of competence.