Jackson Personality Inventory – Revised (JPI-R)

    Jackson Personality Inventory – Revised

    Age: 16 and above
    Admin Time: 45 minutes
    Qualification Level: B
    Complete Kit Includes: Technical Manual, 5 JPI-R Reusable Test Booklets, 5 JPI-R Answer Sheets, and 5 JPI-R Profile Sheets

    product description

    Personality can determine important characteristics like dependability, self-discipline, leadership, and the desire to make a good first impression. The Jackson Personality Inventory-Revised (JPI-R) was designed to assess personality traits to predict an individual’s behavior in a variety of settings and environments, including work, education, teams, and interpersonal situations. The JPI-R contains 300 true/false items and can be used to assess normal adult personality in selection or counseling contexts, conduct research requiring comprehensive coverage of personality dimensions, assist with guidance and career counseling, and develop greater self-awareness and understanding of human behavior and motivation.