Conners, Third Edition (CONNERS-III)

    Conners, Third Edition

    Ages: 6 through 18 years for Teacher and Parent Rating Scales; 8 through 18 years for Self-Report
    Admin Time: 20 minutes for long forms; 10 minutes for short forms; less than 5 minutes for ADHD Index
    Format: Teacher, parent, and self-report rating scales, all available in long and short versions
    Complete Kit: Includes 25 Teacher Rating Scales, Long; 25 Teacher Rating Scales, Short; 25 Parent Rating Scales, Long; 25 Parent Rating Scales, Short; 25 Self-Report Rating Scales, Long; 25 Self-Report Rating Scales, Short; Manual. Note: Forms are updated with DSM-5 scoring.

    product description

    This updated third edition of the popular Conners’ Rating Scales sets a new standard for assessing Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and related learning, behavior, and emotional problems in children and teens. Like previous versions, the Conners 3 combines teacher, parent, and student reports to provide a particularly detailed and comprehensive evaluation of student behavior. This edition offers a more refined assessment of ADHD and comorbid disorders, stronger links to the DSM-IV-TR, new symptom and validity scales, updated norms, and more.