Attitudes Toward Guns and Violence Questionnaire (ATGVQ)

    Attitudes Toward Guns and Violence Questionnaire

    Ages: 6 to 29 years
    Admin Time: 5-10 minutes
    Format: Self-report
    Scores: provide total score, plus scores for 4 subscales
    Complete Kit: Includes 25 AutoScore Answer Forms; Manual; 50 Aggressive Behavior Checklists (25 Teacher Forms; 25 Student Forms)

    product description

    The AGVQ measures the attitudes of young people, ages 6 to 29, toward guns, physical aggression, and interpersonal conflict. Composed of just 26 items and written at a third-grade reading level, this unique self-report inventory can be administered in just 5 to 10 minutes.

    AGVQ items focus on violence-related issues, with an emphasis on guns. (The test form is titled “What’s Your Opinion?”) In addition to a total score, the test yields scores for the following subscales:

    • Aggressive Response to Shame
    • Comfort With Aggression
    • Excitement
    • Feelings of Power/Safety