Adult Manifest Anxiety Scale (AMAS)

    Adult Manifest Anxiety Scale

    Ages: 19 years and up
    Admin Time: 10 minutes
    Format: Self-report
    Complete Kit: Includes 30 AutoScore Answer Forms (10 for the AMAS-A, 10 for the AMAS-E; and 10 for the AMAS-C); 1 Manual

    product description

    The scale is available in three forms: AMAS-A for adults (ages 19 to 59); AMAS-E for elderly individuals (60 and above); and AMAS-C for students enrolled in college. The three forms were independently developed and normed, and each includes some unique items and/or subscales. The AMAS-A, for example, contains several items addressing work pressures, while the AMAS-E includes items focusing on fear of aging, and the AMAS-C adds a Test Anxiety scale.